10 self-affirmations for working with customers and succeeding

So many of us strive to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Many others cannot even put work and life in the same sentence without falling into a depressive mood. Granted, not a lot of people are working their dream jobs. The lingering negativity surrounding our work lives does not help, however, with personal growth and progress. It just keeps you down and closes your mind. How do you overcome it? Is there even a way? Hmm…

Of course, there is! No matter what you do to make a living, it is certainly not easy to change the external factors of your environment. You cannot just change your customers, fire your boss or give yourself a raise (I presume). What you can change are your internal perceptions. Look at your surroundings differently. Change your attitude towards your work and life environment. The desirable opportunities will present themselves, and you should be in an uplifted, positive spirit when they do! 

Change your perceptions and prosper (Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com)

Working with customers, start your work day with these 10 magical self-affirmations, and change your outlook on life!

  1. I do not drag myself to work; I come to contribute to prosperity in the world!
  2. I do not wait for the customer to complain; I approach the problem proactively to provide a WOW experience!
  3. I do not wait for the customer to stop talking; I listen to hear the actual problem!
  4. Negativity does not affect me; I am untouchable!
  5. I do not say sorry because I must; I truly feel the customer’s pain!
  6. “I don’t know” is not in my dictionary; I am resourceful and always ready to help!
  7. The customer’s problem is my problem; I am here to solve it!
  8. Time is not an unlimited resource; I use it wisely for my and the customer’s sake!
  9. My job is not just a source of money; it is a part of my life -I will have fun doing it!
  10. I am not an employee of the customer service department; I am an architect of customer success!

What self-affirmations do you use to help yourself prosper and not remain stagnant? Share them with me! 


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