Body language: How to make an entrance like a boss

You must have seen it in the movies – the lead, handsome character walking into a public place, all eyes on him. The movies usually get it right. But what is the art behind it? Of course, it is all about body language. In effect, it is about the presence you give out – your aura. 

Preparing to make an entrance (Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on

Sure, there are many types of bosses and many types of variable spotlight entries. Therefore, depending on who you are, you may pull off an entrance that fits your character better. No rule is engraved in stone, naturally. If you are specifically interested to enhance your image, and uncertain where to begin, however, the advice below should set you on the right path.

Slow down

From the moment you open the door to the moment you reach your destination, take slow, calculated steps. Forget any thoughts that could make you fidget. Someone who is in a rush never gives an impression of control. The majority of us nowadays are constantly running. The rat-race mentality prevails. You showing the opposite approach will make you stand out. 

Time is a luxury, after all. If you look like you can afford to take your time, you will seem much more affluent. People will wonder: “Who is this guy, and why does he have time?” Hastiness is also associated with nervousness. Quick, sudden movements come from deep within our nervous system. You want people to see your nerves are calm. Woosah. 

Don’t look at people

As you walk in, the first sets of eyes will get magnetized to you out of curiosity. Those will be the anticipating eyes, the ones trying to read and assess you. If they don’t see someone unusual and appealing, they will get bored quickly. So at this point, you need to make the appropriate impression. 

If you start looking around, you may appear to lack confidence in your journey ahead – no purpose. If you start exchanging looks with the people staring at you, people may confuse your actions for an invite to a possible future conversation – one wherein they can affect your journey ahead. If you ignore the glances at you, leaving them in your side view, and continue toward your “destination,” people may see that your path is more important to you, and you know exactly where you are headed. 

Keep a calm, fearless face

No smile. No frown. No doubt. Excessive emotion on your face gives out information about you. You want to have an air of mystery. Keep your face relaxed, yet confident, throughout your entrance. 

Image by Royal Anwar from Pixabay

Mind your posture

Straighten your back and lift your chin before you enter. Walk tall. Give out the impression of power. Own your path. Have you ever noticed how weak and insignificant a slouching person seems? Try to observe this next time when you are out in public. You will definitely find people who slouch. It is our big time modern age problem, caused mostly by sitting and doing computer work. 

If you have such a habit, it is necessary to get rid of it as you embark on your journey of self-improvement. There are numerous ways how to do it. I am no chiropractor, however, so Google it. Here is a good example

For maximum effect, the above should come naturally to you. So it may require some practice and getting used to. If it does not, people will sense the theatrics. But like with everything else in life, the way to chisel yourself into a better person in the most natural way is through deep absorption of new purposeful beliefs. You must make permanent changes in adjustment to your stronger self. Something only comes naturally when you do it for yourself, from within you, not for a bunch of people who you don’t even know. 

There is an equal benefit to not pulling attention to yourself. Depending on the circumstances, it may not make sense to make a boss-like entrance. Stealth is valuable too. A hustler adapts to specific situations to produce the best results. We do not focus on some internal gratification and rewarding emotions. We focus on how to take money. 


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