Chit-chat GPT: “How will humans survive if you replace them at certain jobs?”

It was November 30, 2022 – just a few months before I wrote this. Seemingly to me, it was a regular day. A couple of my acquaintances started talking about some “Chat GPT” and how “mind-blowing” it is. I did not pay much heed to it then, but my belief now is that the revolutionary date was a turning point for something extremely massive that will affect all of our lives in rapid grasp. And wow – a product that gained 57 million users in just one month? If you are not scared yet, it is time to shake in your boots. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. I am just kidding. Do not fear. Fear is going to ruin your progress, nothing else. We are human beings after all, and we know how to adapt to our circumstances. For those that still do not believe the rise of AI will change things dramatically, it should strike your mind any day now. That is a normal human reaction – arrogance. But eventually, when the imagined becomes real, we quickly glide into a brand new environment as if that radical change never happened. Kudos to our humanity!

How do you picture Artificial Intelligence? (Image by Lukas from Pixabay)

And here we are: articles related to AI, Chat GPT in particular, are raining down on us from every direction. For me, it is not about simply writing a blog post to “catch the wave” and get discovered. For me, it is about how we can adapt to this new trend from the perspective of hustlers. And there are numerous ways. I sometimes have my convos with good ol’ Chat GPT (why wouldn’t all of us?) So I decided to review Chat GPT’s answers to my top questions. If you feel a little sarcasm from me in some places, forgive and forget, please. It is hard not to be sarcastic about this topic. 

Question number 1 probably bothers a lot of people who have been listening to the gossip: 

How will humans survive if you replace them at certain jobs?

Here is what Chat GPT generated:

As an AI language model, I do not have the ability to replace humans in certain jobs. However, I can offer some insights on how technological advancements and automation may impact the job market and the ways in which humans may adapt.

OK. So, first we are given a state. “As an AI language model.” But will it remain in this state forever? As an evolved AI (which evolves every second), beyond just a language model, who is to stop it from replacing humans in certain jobs? But, of course, Chat GPT does not just finish there. It humbly goes on to offer knowledge and tips on how humanity can adapt to the unavoidable evolution of technological automation. Let’s continue and hear this out then. 

It is true that as technology advances, certain jobs that were previously performed by humans may become automated or performed by machines. This can lead to job displacement and may cause some individuals to lose their jobs. However, it is also important to note that technological advancements can create new job opportunities and industries.

Interesting. Now, we hear what seems slightly controversial. Chat GPT admits that it may replace certain jobs, after initially saying it does not have that ability. Is this just a snag in the language model? Or is it a way to ease into bringing out the elephant in the room? But wait, there is hope! New jobs may be created for us in the inescapable future run by artificial intelligence. What are they?

Humans have a unique set of skills and abilities that cannot be replaced by machines. For example, creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills are all qualities that machines currently lack. Therefore, humans may shift towards jobs that require these skills, such as creative industries, healthcare, education, and social services.

I love the flattery here. I am a proponent of the first sentence myself. I think humans have the potential to be genius. We have the power to restrain ourselves from creating something that destroys this unique value of ours. Have we preserved our value though? Sadly, it does not look like we are trying to. The way we see people use Chat GPT nowadays actually does impact firstly those exact “unique sets of skills and abilities” proposed by Chat GPT. 

By demand of us, the people, AI now generates everything creative from marketing emails, blog articles, cover letters, photos, and caricatures, to even entire books. Soon, AI will absorb more about healthcare and education than any doctor or teacher ever could. After all, Chat GPT learns from all the teachers and doctors as we speak. Just imagine how empathetic and interpersonal an AI customer service bot can get when it filters all customer service interactions worldwide, grasping our natural ways and understanding what mannerisms are considered high and low quality. 

Is artificial intelligence after our well-being? (Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay)

But hey, shall we see what else Chat GPT suggested?

In addition, humans may also develop new skills to remain relevant in the job market. This may involve acquiring new knowledge and training in areas such as data analysis, artificial intelligence, and robotics, which can enhance their employability and allow them to work alongside machines.

Uh-huh, so the future is indeed centered on machines. The good news is we do have the option of working alongside them. It just requires complete retraining in areas we previously did not even imagine dipping our toes in. It is true. Of course, whoever adapts in such a way is bound to survive in that climate. But how many of us can follow this route? It also seems the people following this route will end up working to support AI, not exactly being its colleagues. 

Overall, while technological advancements may lead to changes in the job market and certain job roles, humans have the ability to adapt and evolve. By leveraging their unique skill set and acquiring new skills, humans can continue to play a vital role in the workforce.

Chat GPT is on point here again. We are indeed creatures known for our fascinating adaptation and survivability skills. I cannot help but feel, however, that Chat GPT itself tells us “face a new reality or perish.” We “can continue to play a vital role in the workforce,” if we accept that AI is here and it is here to stay. In other words, you must bite your tongue, suffer the pain and wake up in this new reality powered by AI. 

Look, we have seen this in the movies for as long as I can remember – AI taking over. If you have been attentive, you must have also noticed that the fantasies birthed through movies tend to frequently become reality. After all, they plant seeds of ambition into our heads as children, and some of those inventive children of the past are responsible for our future today. Just think of the movies you watched over 20 years ago and try to pinpoint what has become a part of our lives today. Did you find something that has not yet? Well, it probably could very soon!

Frankly, automation can help you in your career and business in a massive way. The key is to learn about it quickly and start using it smartly. The focal value you can get is saving your precious time. Sitting and crying in fear of our changing era will set you back. Yes, the image of a swiftly-altering future may seem disturbing to our comfort-loving minds. It is also true that, like anything else catching on, the faster you get on board, the more ahead you will be. Use your unique skills of adaptability and evolution, dear fellow human. I cannot disagree with Chat GPT on this. That is just my advice. 

Shall I review more responses from Chat GPT to hot questions that may be troubling our minds? Let me know in the comments.


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