Raw reality: How to “escape the matrix”

Disclaimer: If you love your life, perhaps you should not read this…

“Escaping the matrix” has become a mammoth trend nowadays. Started by Andrew Tate, this metaphorical movement is about breaking out of the systematic chains of our world. Advice on how to do it is shooting in from the left and the right – a few of them good, and the rest absolutely rubbish. TikTok is exploding with videos around the topic, and it is becoming extremely hard to filter quality content. What is most interesting is that more and more people started realizing they may be “in the matrix.” Amen to that.

Do you believe you need to escape the Matrix? (Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay )

Before Tate even popped into our social media feeds, many of us lived with the same mindset. We just would not advocate it actively and loudly. Try not to forget. It was the movie Matrix that was modeled on our world, not the other way around. Therefore, there is much to contemplate when considering how the Wachowski brothers’ perspective applies to the real world. There is a Matrix here in our day-to-day life. Unlike in the movie, however, the majority of us prefer to gulp down that blue pill and remain in our fake little comfort zones.

In my eyes, your prosperity is directly reliant on opening your eyes to the raw reality. Therefore, if you are truly interested to grow, learn, and become affluent, it is time to be honest with yourself. This involves uncovering a set of uncomfortable truths. So if you are ready to brace yourself for it, keep reading. These are purely my realizations and conclusions, but I hope you can learn from them without getting overwhelmed. After all, once you become aware, you can focus your attention better.

Let’s start from the very beginning of all humans – our birth. We are inserted into the system as soon as we see the first ever light. Think about it. From the moment you are born, you are assigned a name, a nationality, a language, a religion, and an education. All that is then encrusted with your family’s presuppositions, habits, fears, and beliefs. None of these is your choice, yet you are taught to live with them as though there is no other way. And even though none are your choice, they all shape you as a human, each one sticking you into a slot within the system.

Entering the global system as soon as we get born (Image by Sepp from Pixabay)

Now, what if you do not like your name? Sure, you can legally change it (for now), but the longer you wait, the more of a headache it gets. The older you get, the more documents and other pieces of paper in your name are produced. At the same time, this decision would probably not be welcomed by your parents, who are attached to the name they gave you religiously. This is not the same for all families, of course, but for many.

Your name was assigned through your parents’ invested, undying creativity, and your surname is connected to the lifeline of your father’s generations. Changing it, in their eyes, is equivalent to cutting the bloodline violently. But is it not your prerogative to have a name that makes you feel comfortable? As life changes rapidly through generations, is there any real benefit for your well-being to continue bearing that tradition? Hey, if you are comfortable with your name, bless you. It is when you start questioning the entire process that it bites into you.

Then comes nationality, and it is a big one. You are expected and obliged to represent an area on Earth outlined by some borders sketched on the map. Why? Just because you happened to be born within those lines. And whatever happens within those lines is attributed to you for the rest of your life. Traditions, languages, politics – you are their representative no matter how you feel about them. Your passport also bears the strength of international relations from within those lines in the global arena. And sure, those born in the few fortunate countries desired by many will disagree with my statements first, but that is fine, for you do not know how it feels if you come from the rest of the world.

Where are you from? (Image by 👀 Mabel Amber, who will one day from Pixabay)

“Where are you from?” You have to love this question (kidding) because why does it matter? The question itself is rigged for national classification by the person asking it. And yes, there is a hierarchical classification among us by nations. Nobody who asks this question is ever interested in your personal story, which may have nothing to do with where you are from yet has everything to do with who you are today. The person asking is more interested to deploy their stereotypical presuppositions about your country rather than get to know you. There are better icebreakers. Cease your belief that this question is innocent.

Religion comes next. You are made to believe in something more than yourself, and that is where it becomes inarguably stupid. You are made to fear the unknown as a compulsory rule. What do we know about fear? It stops you in your tracks. Most people who have trouble achieving have exactly that problem – low confidence due to a lack of belief in themselves. Some say religion was orchestrated in such a way to get more control over people, and I cannot disagree that this could be the case. And if you are a devout believer in a true religion that aids you in blossoming as a person, then you have genuinely mastered religion, which is impressive.

The most fascinating thing is that if you dive into learning about various religions, they are beautiful and purposeful at the core. It is we, humans, who have twisted them over hundreds of years into the questionable practices they are today. Take Christianity, for example, and some of its nonsensical, silly components. A big, bearded, almighty man in the sky watching our every move. A place called heaven that everyone wants to go to after death. A place called hell that everyone dreads to end up in. And that time we all spend thinking of the man in the sky, the heaven, and the hell, called our lifetime. We could be living it instead without distraction.

And finally, my favorite – education. “If you do not get one, you will not prosper.” The biggest lie of our times. The most poisonous misconception that securely locks you within the system is that you have to attend and graduate from your school, college, and university. Who provides this education? People who drive a Prius, or similar. Who pays for it? You. How much of it is useful? You tell me – how much of your education came in handy for the rest of your life? For me, none of it. Yet everyone is forced into the educational system like chickens are forced into a hen house.

Seem anything like a place where you can learn how to become a successful and affluent person? (Image by Nikolay Georgiev from Pixabay

When you sit down and realize that most of the things you have been taught from an early age do not help you in getting affluent, you start questioning the world. At best, educational institutions are places to develop your networking, but nothing more. Your true source of knowledge is in real-life experience and failures. Practically nobody who graduates with a degree after many years of studying ends up at the top of the food chain. What you need is money education. What kind of money education do you think you will get from someone who works for an average salary? On this note, let’s move on to the last and most important part of this article.

Understanding money from a new, raw perspective is key to your success. None of us can legally make money. Only banks can make money. What we can do is take money, or “earn” it as some put it. So, effectively, we are all, without exception, on a hunt for money. All we need to figure out is how to get other people to give us their money. But is it really so difficult to find? Does it only exist in banks and wallets? No! Firstly, very few wallets will carry around any cash nowadays, and secondly, just because you see a bunch of numbers on your phone or computer screen in your bank account does not mean that the bank actually holds that tangible amount.

It is mind-blowing at first. It is also easy to test. Try cashing out a massive sum of money from your bank (if you have it, of course). It will normally not be readily available. You will need to “order” it, and come at a later date to pick it up. It all comes down to how banks make money in the first place. They make it out of credit and debt. Tangible money does not have to exist for the bank to show you the numbers on your account. When you borrow money and see the digits pop up in your bank account, that money is simply your green light to spend and go into debt.

Money money money… (Image by angelo luca iannaccone from Pixabay

Money is not just cash and digital numbers. Money is all around you. Every little thing that you can look at right now is money. The device you are reading this from is money. The house or flat you are in right now is money. The car in your driveway is money. The driveway under your car is money. So, essentially, in every moment of your life, you are surrounded by monetary value – thousands of dollars. So what is money? It is a metric and a medium of value. Think about this definition in depth. How does it apply to the salary you are earning or that beach mansion you want to purchase?

Both are monetary values, one tied to you as an individual and one representing a tangible property. Since monetary value is a metric connecting these two amounts, you can easily compare them. That is when you sit down and realize that you will probably need an X amount of work years to afford that mansion. X is usually a ridiculous number too. So, you must not be such a valuable individual after all, if that is the case. But given that we all live with a fixed constant – the number of hours each of us has in one day – your primary goal should be to make your time more expensive. In other words, you should become a more valuable you, earning/taking much more money per hour.

Even if you are a couch potato that sits around playing video games all day, you need achievement. The very fact you are playing that video game demonstrates your mental need to achieve, the need for progress. The video game is just easier. You choose not to achieve in the real world out of the real fears you feel. And fear is a mega weapon for governments and businesses. They know how to use it well, indeed. Generally, human psychology plays a cardinal role in selling goods and services.

Do not be fooled. Every company exists with one major purpose – to take your money. If a company does not have that purpose, it simply stops existing. Quite logical, right? And you cannot blame them. They can stand tall and yell how they are a company that cares about our environment and humanity, but there has to be some sneaky practice in place if they are doing well financially. The scam is not unique to industries like betting, gambling, or investing. Always try to see the world as a big business. What makes business sense for governments and politicians to do or to tell you?

The number 1 question is always “how?” How do I become affluent and successful? What is the best side hustle to start? Is the X, Y, or Z option best for me? There is no perfect answer to your question. There is a journey you can take. It all depends on who you are, your circumstances, and what you enjoy doing. Your mission is to start, to experiment, and to fail. Failure after failure, you will become the guru of your lessons. Trust your gut.


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