Are you a hustler?

I called my blog The business mastery blog for devoted hustlers for a reason. Even though I talk about business, career, and self-growth like many others, I do it from a different perspective. That is, I do it from the perspective of a hustler. But who is a hustler? And do you recognize yourself in this category of individuals? Let’s find out, but first, let’s start with a little story about my past.

I started earning money at the age of 12. I used to wake up with the sun, hop on my bicycle and go around construction sites all over the town to “clean them up.” Basically, this meant scavenging useless construction debris using a couple of broken buckets and sometimes, if I was lucky, a wheelbarrow. Yes, that was a job that paid! I worked this job for several months in around 40 degrees Celsius heat (around 104 Fahrenheit). It was tough, but I had a fantastic tan and most importantly, money in my pocket!

I don’t have a picture of my own, but this kid jogs the memory about right.

Why would I spend my time in such a way and not play football or video games like my peers? Well, it was not because I was a sadist or an abnormal kid. I did sometimes kick a football around and even played PlayStation. I involved myself in taking money early because I grew up in a single-parent household, scraping to get by. And working from such an early age taught me the most important lessons about money I ever learned.

Ever since I folded my first earned 20 Euro bill into my pocket, I have never spent a day in my life not looking for new ways to get money. I have grown through multiple jobs, reaching the role of a product CEO, and tried a variety of businesses, some successful and others failed. Along the path, I gained massive experience with money, the economy, and people. Perhaps the most negative thing to have come out of this is my incurable work ethic. I cannot relax, seriously. I have to constantly be doing something related to my existing money projects. And that is where I fit in the category of hustlers.

So, back to the etymology of the term “hustler.” Its definition has been thrown around quite frequently in the last few decades. From prostitution to swindling and scamming, to its significance for rap artists, the term “hustling” has even become silly to pronounce. While in reality, a hustler takes a rather serious role in life. I am here to defend it with my heart and my soul! In my view, the most fitting definition of a modern-day hustler is this:

Someone who makes strenuous efforts to obtain or reach a desired outcome or goal, especially with money or in business.

Dollars in rubber bands – a famous rap way to roll money. Never thought it was useful.

A hustler is an individual that is on fire with enthusiasm for businesses. This is a person with an astounding work ethic – driven to succeed, constantly seeking opportunities, and willing to work hard to make dreams a reality. Hustlers do not sit back and chill, waiting for success to drop in their laps. They do not fear failure or rejection. They seek it and learn from it. They get out there and make it happen!

By nature, hustlers are entrepreneurs, innovators, and risk-takers. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals and they are not scared to bend the rules or seek out loopholes. Hustlers are experts at networking too. They know how to make connections and build relationships with those who can help them achieve their goals. A hustler would not be afraid to pitch his ideas and to ask for help if he needed it to progress.

But being a hustler is not just about hard work and developing connections. It’s also about believing in yourself and having a productive, positive mindset. A hustler makes belief in oneself and his abilities a religion. Hustlers are resilient and adaptable. Setbacks or obstacles are never perceived as roadblocks by hustlers, but merely as learning and growing opportunities.

Here’s a hunky dude. Could be a hustler. Apparently that’s how everyone thinks hustlers look nowadays…

So, would you consider yourself a hustler? If any of the criteria discussed above reminded you of yourself, you possibly are! You could also be a person who is learning to develop the habits of a hustler so you can build yourself or your business, in which case, my blog will help you! Even if you do not feel like a hustler now, it does not mean you cannot transform into one. Start developing the skills and mindset of a hustler through practice, hard work, and determination. To conclude, a hustler is not just about money. A hustler is about your entire life reflected in your approach to dealing with its problems. Subscribe now and join my hustlers’ club!


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