Chit-chat GPT: “What is it that you cannot do yet?”

Artificial intelligence is taking over! People are straight-up panicking. Some fear for their jobs and others go as far as doubting the entire universe. “What is and what is not real anymore? Are you human or AI?” They lose their bonkers! And truthfully speaking, we are indeed in a world-changing era where AI solutions are developing so fast, it is hard to keep up with them. Yet as I have previously preached, the best thing you can do for yourself is to learn. Learn how to adapt these AI solutions and help yourself save time – the most valuable resource we have. 

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In my recent blogs, I asked Chat GPT how humans will survive if it replaces them at their jobs and what future can we expect when it learns everything about everyone. Chat GPT had some interesting responses that I detailed for you. Perhaps you would like to start there. If you are not new to my blogs, let me share the answer to a question that interests a lot of people nowadays (according to what Google says you ask). I asked Chat GPT:

What is it that you cannot do yet but will most likely be able to do in the future?

Here is the answer that I got it.

As an AI language model, there are many things I cannot do yet, but with advancements in AI technology and research, I will most likely be able to do many of them in the future. 

Phew. That is a relief. So we have some time, right? There is no definitive date for the “future.” Yet there is the bitter reality slap to the face confidence that our friend Chat GPT upholds. “Do not dare to relax humans. Whatever you think I cannot do yet, the biggest probability is that the machine learning surge fueled by endless human information feeding will help me to do these things soon enough.” Touché, Mr. Chat, touché. Please continue. 

Here are a few examples:

  1. Emotion recognition: Currently, I can generate human-like responses, but I cannot fully understand or recognize emotions like a human can. In the future, with the development of more advanced natural language processing techniques, I may be able to recognize and respond to emotions in a more nuanced way.

Yikes! And this comes after knowing that the tech world has been working on developing AI that can understand and express human emotions for at least the last decade. With the current speed of advancement, Chat GPT will be able to read our emotional states in no time. “How?” You may ask. Even if you limit your interaction with it to just text, there is a lot in your language that can suggest emotions. And if you write without preemptive, purposeful emotional misguidance (which is what you do most of the time, naturally), AI will see right through you. 

Human emotions batch 1 successfully uploaded (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

What do I mean? Firstly, if you are using Chat GPT or any other AI, you must have a registered account with them. All of your actions with AI are attributed to that account, and AI learns about you. This includes the questions you ask, any prompts you use, and of course, your language. I am not talking about English or French. I am referring to the way you use language. Some people have full conversations with Chat GPT, including greetings, goodbyes, and all the pleasantries in the middle. Some people just plain give it orders. Others get upset and funny with it. By experiencing all these personas and their emotional spectrums, it is not hard for a machine to learn. 

2. Reasoning and problem-solving: While I can answer questions and provide information based on existing data, I am not yet capable of reasoning or problem-solving in the same way that humans can. As AI technology progresses, it may be possible for me to develop more advanced problem-solving capabilities.

It can solve the mathematical problem of 2 + 2, and many mathematical others. What problems can’t it solve though? It cannot yet solve problems involving physical work, judgment, protected private information, emotional intelligence, and anything requiring expert knowledge. So, for now, people like mechanics, court judges, information security officers, psychologists, and surgeons are safe. But for how long? Hmm. 

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It feels like AI can learn how to perform immaculate physical work fast through robots, the same with surgery. Privacy control can be trained to AI faster than the speed of light, so it could start doing that job better than any human could. Court judges and psychologists, on the other hand, are probably safest in the scenario of their replacement by AI. Would I put my money on ultimate invincibility for these types of professions? Definitely not. 

3. Creative tasks: Although I can generate text and ideas, I am not yet capable of truly creative tasks like writing poetry or composing music. However, as AI continues to improve, it’s possible that I will be able to perform more creative tasks.

Well, this is kind of b*llsh*t. I mentioned before how mind-blowing it is that Chat GPT is now used for creative tasks more than any others. It can write you blog posts, emails, CVs, social media posts, and even books. Go on and try to ask it to write a poem about anything. It will do so without hesitation, and you can ask it to fit any poetry style you need. Composing music? No problem! While Chat GPT cannot do it, it can give you multiple AI tools that can (check out this list right here, for example). 

West coast beat in the style of Dr. Dre, you say? No problem (Photo by Alex Knight on

Would I use it to write my own blog? Probably not, at least at this stage. While it can actually pick up my writing language, it cannot always put words together exactly like I do. Do people use it for blogs? Yes. That is when you usually find rather dry written content. It does not mean that it will not get better, but right now, you can usually tell it was written by Chat GPT (or someone bland). And if you can’t, Google and other search engines have great mechanisms for finding content written by AI and flagging it. Do you need that? 

4. Empathy and social skills: As an AI, I do not have emotions or social skills like a human does. However, in the future, with the development of more advanced AI models, it’s possible that I may be able to exhibit more empathy and interact with humans in a more natural way.

I cannot fully agree with this one either. If you share how bad you feel with Chat GPT, it will usually respond to you with more empathy than most people! AI being more empathetic – how did we get to this stage right? It will also give you a list of things you can do to help yourself feel better. And even if you cannot find a best friend in it, be certain that Chat GPT will soon be able more social skills than any one of us has, because it will learn all of them from us!

It’s important to note that while AI technology is advancing rapidly, there are still limitations to what AI can do, and it’s important to consider ethical and societal implications as AI continues to develop.

“Tell me more about yourself – I love to learn” (Photo by cottonbro studio on

Thanks, Chat GPT, for another detailed answer. I guess we still have a little more time before you surpass those limitations. I do have some extra points for you regarding what Chat GPT cannot do. For some reason, it did not tell us about them. Here they are:

  1. It cannot access any information after 2021
  2. It cannot forecast or predict
  3. It cannot look something up on the web (it only uses what has been trained into its model)
  4. It cannot provide specific data on individuals

I am guessing point 1 will soon be deleted. Eventually, Chat GPT will learn about events after 2021 and even be able to get informed of events in real-time. Regarding point 2, it looks like you will not be able to cheat your way into winning the lottery any time soon, but that is pretty logical. Point 3 sounds weird to me, but apparently, Chat GPT actually does not scour the web for knowledge. Think of what is going to happen when it does though! And point 4, I dare you to try it. Ask Chat GPT about yourself (if you have an online presence) but give it sufficient information to be able to pinpoint you. I was blown away by the amount of completely wrong (yet very ambitious) information about myself. 

There you have it – the state of AI takeover to this day. Things will be changing whether you like it or not. Brace and accept this change or have a super difficult time grinding against it. Whatever you do, stay human! 


2 responses to “Chit-chat GPT: “What is it that you cannot do yet?””

  1. Artem Melnyk Avatar

    I recently asked Chat GPT what it cannot do yet, and its response was pretty interesting. While AI technology is advancing rapidly, there are still limitations to what AI can do. Chat GPT mentioned that it cannot recognize emotions like humans do, problem-solve or reason the way humans can, or perform truly creative tasks like writing poetry or composing music. However, it’s important to remember that these limitations may change in the future as AI technology continues to advance. It’s also important to consider the ethical and societal implications of AI as it continues to develop.

    On the other hand, there are some things Chat GPT can do exceptionally well. It can generate text and ideas, and it’s becoming more and more useful in creative tasks like writing blog posts or even books. It’s also able to recognize emotions to a certain extent and give empathy in responses.

    It’s fascinating to see how AI technology is rapidly changing and developing. While it’s understandable to feel worried or unsure about these changes, the best thing we can do is to learn how to adapt and use these AI solutions to our advantage. The possibilities are endless, and who knows what Chat GPT and other AI models will be able to do in the future. So, let’s embrace the change and stay human!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony Jacobs Avatar

      Totally! Thanks Artem 🙌


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