Customer Service

  • Sales: How to build customer trust
    How many companies do you really trust? It is not easy in our commercial jungle to build that trust. Everyone is out to take your money, it seems. There are a few good ways to establish trust though.
  • Sales: How to build rapport
    Find out how to build rapport with your customers and establish trust. These are the three best emotional intelligence techniques from personal experience. Image by Sue Styles from Pixabay.
  • How to provide excellent customer service via e-mail
    Learn the best practices of effective email communication with your customers. This guide will help you to upkeep professionalism in your emails and always deliver resolutions to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • How to provide excellent customer service via live chat
    Become the master of live chat customer service or train your agents to provide good customer service over live support. This guide provides you comprehensive instructions on how to make your customers satisfied.
  • Customer service: How to prevent chargebacks
    Find out how to protect your business from costly chargebacks with these effective strategies. Train your customer service team the art of chargeback management.